We’re pleased to offer a new 3-day intensive workshop for healing from sexual addiction.

The workshop will be held Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning on February 24th – 26th.

If you’re just starting your path to recovery (less than 6 months) or you’ve struggled with relapses, this workshop is for you. Working in a small group of just 6 participants, you’ll have two Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) leading you through the early stages of healthy sex addiction recovery.

Included in the workshop will be experiential exercises to help you understand your addiction, how it started, what triggers you, how to recognize and stop triggers and how to maintain sobriety.

In addition to a lot of other work, you’ll leave the sex addiction recovery workshop with a plan for your ongoing recovery. That plan will be customized to you, and may include individual therapy, group therapy, 12-step group meetings, 12-step work, trauma treatment, daily meditation, and many other possible options from our years of working with sex addiction and helping people move into recovery.

It would take over 3 months to get the same number of hours of treatment going to a therapist once a week as you’ll get in these 3 days.

Your recovery is critical to living the life you were meant to live. Doesn’t it make sense to spend the time, commit fully, and have a plan for a life free from sex addiction?

If you’re interested in joining the workshop, use the “Contact Us” button or page on the website or call us at (816) 945-2277 and ask for Chris Adams.